Bisexuality and the common misconceptions

I want to talk to you about bisexuality and my point of view about what and how it is to be.

I'll address some of the common misconceptions of bisexuality within this blog post, without further adjure let's start.

Example one:
Statement: Bisexual people can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend and it won't be classed as 'cheating'

My view: This is untrue, when a bisexual person goes into a relationship, the commitment that you face still goes the same as a heterosexual couple. If you decide that you want to have sex or relations with the opposing qualifying genders then it is definitely still classed as cheating. Being with more than one person, gender aside, will always be unfaithful.

Example two:
Statement: bisexuality is just a gateway to homosexuality.

My view: this is untrue, as someone that is bisexual, I have sexual attractions to both genders but I am currently committed to a man. This doesn't make me gay nor would it make me straight if I was with a woman.

There is a flip side to this; someone that is homosexuality may call themselves bisexual to rid themselves of some of the social stigma of 'coming out'; it should be kept to context of that situation. What I mean by this statement is that, respect is needed whatever the sexuality is and that if they chose to use it as a gateway, then don't label all bisexual people as 'self labellers for excuses'.

Example three:
Statement: It's just a phase, you're confused.

My view: I am not confused, as are thousands of other people whom are bisexual. It is not a phase that we will grow out of, it is a position in where we are in life; this position can lead to us embracing a heterosexual life or a homosexual life or just simply stay bisexual.

Some people may use bisexual as an excuse or as a gateway, this doesn't mean under any circumstances that you should just assume that every other bisexual is. Being bisexual is not a trend, being who you are is not something that should be 'praised' just because it's different, you should be treated normal just like every other person out there.

So if you meet a bisexual, and your first initial thought is "are they gay?" You're already starting to engage them in the wrong mindset. If they tell you they are bisexual, leave it at that.

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